Events and dates to note for first quarter

The 2018 financial year has ended, allowing for annual results and taxation to be finalised. In conjunction with that, the events and dates to note for the first quarter include:

Dividends to 2018 due date 20 April 2018:

For dividend RWT for dividends to apply to the 2018 years

Provisional Tax installment 3 due on 7 May 2018:

With tax changes, if payments of required instalments have been made, interest does not apply. After this date, for residual tax amounts greater than $60,000, interest begins.

Reminders for this payment will be sent to clients closer to this date.

Fringe Benefits tax due on 31 May 2018:

The end of year square up and final return for quarterly FBT payers is due.

Annual leave accrual - 2 June 2018:

Annual leave taken by employees to this date may be included as a deductible expense in 2018 taxation.

In addition to these dates pertaining to 2018, tax changes for 2019 have also come into effect and are discussed here or may be discussed by contacting us.

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