Operating at level 2

Wellington, along with the rest of the country, other than Auckland, has shifted down to COVID-19 alert level 2 (as of 11:59pm Tuesday 7 September 2021). This level 2 is slightly more restrictive than the previous level 2 requirements

  • Indoor gatherings are now limited to 50 people (down from 100), but outdoor gatherings can have up to 100 people (unchanged).
  • The social distancing requirements for public places has increased to 2m (social distancing requirements for hospitality venues remains 1m).
  • Mask wearing has become mandatory for anyone over the age of 12 when, using public transport, air travel (including in departure points such as train/bus stations) and in a taxi or ride-share vehicles, visiting a healthcare or aged care facility, inside retail businesses, such as supermarkets, pharmacies, shopping malls, indoor marketplaces and takeaway food stores, and visiting public areas within courts and tribunals, local and central government agencies, and social service providers with customer service counters

It is not a legal requirement for patrons to wear masks at hospitality venues (other than if they are there to pick up takeaways), although staff must wear masks.

  • Mandatory sign in begins in seven days from the change to alert level 2. Businesses are required to display COVID-19 QR codes or maintain a log of visitors

Comprehensive details on these restrictions and requirements in general can be found here.

For our clients, our office will be open from Thursday 9 September. We will be following health guidelines so our team will be split into two groups, attending the office on alternate days. While we are operating at level 2, we welcome you to attend our office for meetings, drop-off or for a catch up, however we will require you to make an appointment beforehand. This is to ensure that we are able to maintain acceptable levels of social distancing. We will be wearing masks when meeting with you and will be requiring the same. The ability to meet remotely remains unchanged.

Although the level change is a welcome one, we know the on-going restrictions will hurt many businesses, so if you do have concerns, please make contact. It may well be that these restrictions will be in place for some time before we can proceed with even fewer restrictions.

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