Our Current Omicron Measures Effective 17 January 2022 until further notice

To reduce the risk of transmission and keep both our team and clients safe, we have put in place the following:

  1. We are open for drop offs and meetings (by appointment only). Our door remains closed to limit traffic movement so please knock when you arrive.
  2. With the Omicron outbreak, beginning 4 March our team has the option to work from home, so the office may be unattended. This makes the requirement by appointment only acute, as there may not be someone in the office if you drop in.
  3. Simply call us or email us to arrange appointments
  4. All visitors to the office must be fully vaccinated and wear facial coverings, but all the team can do virtual meetings, which is our preference through this period. Please scan in on your arrival, and once cleared we may arrange for removal of masks during your visit.
  5. As Government and Ministry of Health guidelines and recommendations evolve and change, these measures will be updated.

Thank you for your understanding.

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