Xero price increase and Two Factor Authentication

Xero has announced that it will be introducing price increases on its monthly subscription charges, beginning 23 September 2021 (in four months from the announcement).

Depending on which Xero plan you subscribe to the increases will be per month (plus GST)

  • Starter plans increasing by $1.50
  • Standard plans increasing by $2.00
  • Premium plans increasing by $3.00

On an annual basis, this increase works out to be $18.00, $24.00 or $36.00, respectively.

If you subscribe through us, we will continue to pass on the discount that Xero provides to us. However, as we merely pass on the subscription charges, we will have to pass on to you these increases.

With your plan, if you’re wondering whether it is suitable, and what options you may have, don’t hesitate to contact us. More information on the increase can be found on Xero’s website.

For partner only cashbook plans, if your Xero subscription with us doesn’t have invoice functionality, price increases are deferred until 16 March 2022 when the increase will be

  • Non-GST Cashbook plans increasing by $1.00
  • GST Cashbook plans increasing by $2.00

These increases were originally announced by Xero in July 2020 but were deferred until now. Again, contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

You may already be aware that this year Xero has also made compulsory Two Factor Authentication (2FA) when logging into Xero. 2FA has been mandatory for Australian customers since 2018, due to Australian Tax Office (ATO) requirements. In 2021 it is now mandatory in NZ. If you need to set up MFA, you'll be prompted when you log in. This is achieved by using either push notifications or a code generated by an authenticator app. You need to authenticate every time you log in to Xero, unless you've chosen the option to skip authentication for 30 days.

Once set up, it tends to become routine, and, for better or worse, it is a growing requirement for all sites seeking to maintain security and protection to stop anyone else accessing your secure account, even if they find out your password. Should you have any questions or issues regarding 2FA, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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